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Are You Up for a Challenge?

In light of my recent post about living from a place of appreciation rather than expectation, I would like to propose a challenge to myself as well as those who feel drawn to a more observant and conscientious life. So here goes nothing, *insert deep breath* – I am going to make a list of 100 simple appreciations I can hold close to my heart today.

The first 10 will most assuredly be a bit generic, and perhaps quite obvious as well, but further down my list I’m sure I will have to dig for hidden treasure, and that is where the challenge lies. Wish me luck, wish me well, and I’ll do the same for you. Please feel free to share some of your list in the comments, I would love to hear what nurtures appreciation in your life. ❤️

1. My beautiful, smart, healthy children.

2. My supportive, hardworking husband.

3. The sturdy abode I call home.

4. The heart friends I share life with (you know who you are❤️).

5. Freedom.

6. The blessing of staying home to homeschool in an age where it is considered a luxury.

7. Watching my girls grow into beautiful young women who are fully capable of living joyously in this world.

8. Coffee (perhaps one of THE primary sources of all that is worthy of appreciation 😉).

9. The ability to exercise, a strong body.

10. My femaleness, femininity.

11. Birds that sing their sweet songs each morning.

12. Trees, glorious, strong, grounded trees that dance in the wind and shade from the sun.

13. The vastness of the ocean, my soul so often yearns to visit the sea, and when I am able the sense of awe it brings me is indescribable .

14. Hard lessons. I can have appreciation for these because they have helped to strengthen and nurture growth in my life.

15. Enjoying alone time, I cherish my ability to spend hours in solitude gratefully, enjoying my own company is a blessing.

16. Road trips, who doesn’t love them? Enough said.

17. Books. Books. Books. And only the paper kind that I can hold in my hands, listening to the pages turn. One of life’s most valuable and simple treasures.

18. Music  without it life would be a dull shade of gray.

19. Cats, they rock and I love their sass.

20.  My front porch  I always envisioned having one and now we do.

21. Voxer. It’s pretty much the best app ever invented for an introvert like me.

22. Porch swings. I love them. A lot.

23. Finding my new favorite park yesterday, it felt like discovering a hidden treasure.

24. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table. Always and forever.

25. Chocolate.

26. Having the windows open on a breezy day. Simply the best.

27. Trader Joe’s, otherwise known as my own little piece of heaven.

28. Cold slices of watermelon on a hot summer day. Must include seeds. 🙂

29. Bare feet on cool grass.

30. Watching a good movie with the people I love.

31. Sweet Red Wine. Deliciousness.

32. New shoes. A girl has to love new shoes.

33. Sharing an inside joke with a wink or a glance. ❤

34. Evening walks.

35. Making new recipes that turn out wickedly delicious.

36. Starting new projects (finishing them is another story). 😉

37. Creating in any form:

38. Drawing.

39. Painting.

40. Writing

41. Playing my bass, feeling the music.

42. Decorating, rearranging.

43. Long, meaningful, deep conversations with interesting people.

44. That one song that comes on the radio and immediately makes me want to dance.

45. Sleeping in later than I should. Glorious.

46. Baby bunnies.

47. Prayerful meditation, it is changing my life.

48. Positive affirmations.

49. Sunday afternoons.

50. Being INFJ, at times I forget to be appreciative of this because it is so HARD to be me, but in reality it is something to be cherished.

51. Learning to love myself.

52. You, the people who take time to read my posts and share life with me. You rock.

53. The internet, without it I wouldn’t be nearly as far along on my self discovery journey, I wouldn’t know my personality type, and I wouldn’t be blogging right now.

54. Running water. I mean, a lot of people on this planet don’t have the luxury of hot showers and clean wTer at their disposal.

55. Hot showers. See above  😉

56. Kind people. All of them. They are precious and rare.

57. My hands. I have two of them and they both work. It’s fabulous.

58. Our vehicle, it is exactly what I wanted and we got an amazing deal on it. Even after driving it for quite a few years it still feels special to me.

59. My parents are both relatively healthy. It’s a blessing.

60. Poetry that speaks to me.

61. Podcasts, in pretty much addicted to them.

62. ItWorks! Because finding products in purvprice range that we can feel good about and share with others is pretty awesome.

63. Patience. I do appreciate the power  of patience, though it isn’t something that comes easily to me.

64.  Spirituality, Papa God, the Divine within us all. The deeper truths behind the inner workings of the universe provides both awe and inspiration.

65.  Caretakers, those who serve and sacrifice for the sake of another. They deserve appreciation.

66. Ice cream. Duh.

67. Finding the perfect pair of jeans. You know the moment…you’ve tried on a gazillion pairs and suddenly the impossible happens and you find your Jean soulmate. It’s a beautiful thing.

68.  Concerts, the most fun a person could wish for.

69. Compassion. For myself, for others.

70. Honesty, an elusive yet valuable thing.

71. Skiing, it makes me feel alive.

72. The ability to drive.

73. Growing deeper in relationships.

74. Finding other INFJ’s to click with. Beautiful.

75. Thirst gor knowledge, both in myself and observed in others.

76. Being able to say I was there for all of my children’s “firsts”, from steps to learning to read, to learning to pump gas for the car.

77. I appreciate being appreciated. ☺️

78. Full moons and starry nights.

79. Picnics in the park.

80. Simple romantic gestures that make me melt like ice on a hot summer’s day.

81. Iced coffee, a good book, and sitting poolside.

82. Sincere hugs.

83. Natural remedies, I’m a junkie for essential oils, herbs, supplements, Homeopathy, and all the other crazy cures that all seem to work wonders. 😜

84. The way the wind feels when it’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right to kiss your checks and whip your hair.

85. Pedicures are lovely.

86. Artists. They bring beauty to the world in their own unique ways.

87. Dimmer switches. Seriously, low lighting is one of my favorite luxuries.

88. The hard work my hubby has put into remodeling our home, he’s pretty great like that.

89. Our jobs. I’m grateful we have them.

90.  Holding hands with my love and still feeling like sweethearts.

91. Accomplishing goals I’ve set for myself, there’s nothing quite like that feeling.

92. People who volunteer their time to serve kids, like my daughter’s soccer coaches.

93. Dreamers.

94. My phone. It is a little magical device that does a million fascinating things.

95. My bass, she’s pretty awesome.

96. The smell of fresh cut grass.

97. Every mistake I’ve ever made. They’ve sll had a reason for existing.

98. A great hair stylist, a girl can’t live without one.

99. Midday naps. The bomb!

100. And lastly…dun, dun,duuuuun…..being alive! It’s a privelage and a gift!

Phew, I can’t believe I made it through all of those! Good luck making your own list of things you appreciate in life. Keep it handy, and look at it the next time you feel down, I know that’s what I plan to do.